Natural Breast Lifts Without Surgery

No lady wants saggy, floppy or small bust sizes as nature would want for any woman. Just like you would expect wrinkles when the time comes, that’s how breasts lose their elasticity over time especially after gaining weight, or pregnancy and even aging. As much as you would want to have your breasts remain firm or even bigger, resorting to some surgical methods can leave you with major health issues let alone being exposed to breast cancer.

breast lift without surgeryThat’s the reason every health expatriate would advice you to go for the natural breast lift without surgery methods and have your breasts lifted or increase in size. Most of these surgical means are also too expensive for most women to afford and they can interfere with your mammary glands to the extend that you cannot breastfeed.

So what are these non surgical means that you can use to have your breast lifted?

Keeping and maintaining a healthy body weight plays an important role in having firm lifted breasts. Gaining weight stretches your skin reducing their elasticity. The stretched skin doesn’t regain its elasticity when you loose weight,resulting in the toned and saggy boobs. To add on, keeping your skin moisturized will make it elastic. Drinking enough water daily will moisturize your skin from the inside making it stable and firm. It is therefore ideal for you to take at least 8 glasses of water per day,if you are working towards attaining firm boobs.

It can be testified that a bigger fraction of women with saggy boobs have been putting on incorrect sizes of bra. The bouncing of breasts in a loose bra stretches the connective tissues in breasts resulting in loose boobs. Going for the undersize bras can deter the breasts from aligning to their natural setting leaving them toned and falling. Getting the right bra size that exactly fits you can save you the trouble of having saggy breasts.

The breast massage technique dresses its roots to the ancient Asian culture. They have been using the technique in shaping and firming the breasts of their women. Some massage technicians have been trained to perform the technique and can easily have it done on you.However,doing an improper breast massage can cause damage to your breast organ. It is therefore advised that you carry out a proper research on the technique before having it applied on you. You can do it on yourself too,if you get to know how it is done,but ensure that you are gentle on them and apply some cream and lotion before doing the massage.

The four step procedure ,as many would put it, is recommendable for you. It involve stroking from the nipple outwards, followed by kneading them with one hand gently, holding a breast with one hand and trying to rotate it gently and severally in both the clockwise and anticlockwise direction. This is important as it tries to counteract the effects brought by gravity on the breasts. The last of the four steps is to try and press the boobs gently inwards. This exercise should be performed at least 2 times a week and it will guarantee you that nice breasts appearance.

In addition to all that, there are natural breast lifting booster products in the market. Most of them are normally sold in the combination of ‘breast enlargement and lifting’ for some known reasons. Deflated breasts from pregnancy or weight loss session can regain their vitality and perkiness after the usage of these natural products. Some of the creams just work naturally by moisturizing your skin to restore their elasticity and natural firmness.

There is no need for you to lower your confidence once you realize your breasts are beginning to sag or are not the desired size you would like. If you strictly adhere to the above natural ways of lifting your breasts, then toned and floppy breasts shouldn’t be a thing to worry about. They are natural and hence your are exposed to no health complications. Try a natural approach before trying surgery as some products can help you to boost your bust and save you a heap of money as well.

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